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Let our members tell you about how God has used the First Baptist Church community and ministries to impact their lives.

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The King and Our Treasure
Isaiah 23 | Matthew Hoskinson


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Isaiah 22 | Matthew Hoskinson

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2 Maundy Fellowship Dinner

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3 Good Friday

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3 Good Communion Service: The King and the Great Reversal

7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

The History of Our Church

We Celebrate the Glory of Christ Demonstrated through Our Church

  • 1891

    Current Building

    The process of construction of our current building on 79th Street and Broadway began in 1890. The architect was George Keister, who also designed the Apollo Theater. Our building features many symbols that celebrate the character, work, and centrality of Christ.

  • 1884

    Longest-Serving Pastor

    Our church called Dr. Isaac Haldeman as pastor, and he served in that capacity for nearly 50 years. Dr. Halderman was an influential theologian and prolific writer, and many of his writings are preserved in our church library.

  • 1871

    39th Street and Park Avenue

    As our church grew, our existing building was no longer sufficient. So we moved to the corner of 39th Street and Park Avenue, where our church constructed a gothic brownstone building that is still used as a church today.

  • 1842

    Broome and Elizabeth

    Our church moved to the corner of Broome and Elizabeth Streets under the leadership of pastor Dr. Spencer Cone. Dr. Cone also led the church in rewriting our confession of faith and in efforts to take the gospel to foreign lands. This was a time of spiritual and numeric growth for our church.

  • 1802

    New Gold Street Building

    Our church’s first building was damaged by being used as a stable by British soldiers during the Revolutionary War. After the war, our church razed the original structure and created a new stone building under the leadership of pastor William Parkinson.

  • 1762


    Our church, now meeting on Gold Street, incorporated on June 19. John Gano was our first pastor. He later served as a chaplain in the Revolutionary War, and he baptized General George Washington in Newburgh during the Treaty of Peace celebration.

  • 1745


    Thirteen followers of Christ first gathered to worship in the home of Jeremiah Dodge. Eight years later, they became a branch of the Baptist Church of Scotch Plains, New Jersey.

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