A Place to Start a Faith Journey

I had just given my life to Christ, and I knew that as a new believer I was called to attend a church and to be baptized. But I had been raised in an atheist home, and I had no idea how to pick out a church. I was terrified of walking into a church—afraid of being rejected, of being criticized for not knowing all the rules, of standing out as someone who didn’t belong in church.

I chose First Baptist because the building caught my eye, and because it was in my neighborhood. I was so scared when I walked in that I could hardly speak. But people greeted me and treated me just like any other person at church. Even better, someone that first day helped me feel safe about coming to church, as did several more people over the next few weeks. My sense of attachment and love for the people at First Baptist came almost immediately, which is unusual for me.

My whole experience as a Christ-follower has been here, so almost everything I have learned and studied can be traced back to this church. First Baptist has also given me a Christian family that helps me live out the Christian walk. I can’t say enough about how much growth I’ve experienced through my relationships with them. I am grateful to God that I ended up here.

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